And I am 24... At the end of August I was fortunate enough to fly back home to celebrate my birthday with my family. Since it was my last leave till next year, I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. I had amazing 10 days back in the Czech Republic, full of love, new adventures and trips. Can't wait to be back.


Bali. A destination that probably everyone dreams of visiting. A place to explore, a place to have a wedding at, a place for a beautiful honeymoon. It was always my dream to travel to Bali one day. Back in July I finally got the chance. We flew there over night and got there in the afternoon which was unfortunately late enough to book any tour from the hotel to see the rice fields. So that is on my list for the next time.


Long time, no see which I am sorry about. I have been flying all over the world and have been quite busy and when I haven't, I wasn't in a mood of editing pictures and writing a post. Also, there is something wrong with my camera at the moment so it's being fixed back in Prague but I hope to have it back soon, well at the end of the month. Unfortunately, that is the reason why I have no pictures from the recent layovers.. 


Last time I did a post like this was in December 2014 so I thought it's about time to do another one. I was reading through the old list to make sure I don't repeat myself and the funny thing is that one of the points I wrote down was that I wanted to become a cabin crew for EMIRATES. And guess where I am now? In Dubai, doing what I said I wanted to do one day years ago. Life is crazy. 


Johannesburg or Joburg, as some may call it, is the largest city in South Africa. South Africa has always been on my list, especially Johannesburg and Cape Town. I've recently found a list on my phone titled "Places I want to travel to" from years ago and do you know what it said? "I want to visit South Africa". So here I am, fulfilling my dreams. 

When you visit South Africa, everyone says that one thing you have to try is the steak and local wine. Crew also love doing grocery shopping there because the fruits, veggies, meats and wines are soo good. 


Living alone isn't easy, especially living alone for the first time and being thousands of kilometers away from home. It makes you realize where your true home is, where your loved ones are and how much you miss them each and every day. It also makes you appreciate the moments with them so much more and having the chance of flying back home for couple of days or having someone over in your apartment feels like Christmas time. At least that is how I feel. Anyway.. 

Writing this post makes me realize how lucky I am to call Dubai a home and even how lucky I am to have such a nice mum who came here to stay for a week in April. A week full of surprises, plans, joy and adventures. A week that we both wish continued forever. We had such a great time together and as I told my mum before she came here - "we have so many plans to do so prepare for a busy schedule, it won't be a lazy holiday spent on a beach" and I meant it. 


I always loved coming back to Europe and my May's schedule has been all about that so far. I was supposed to travel to Milano initially but then I changed it to Venice because I am flying to Milano at the end of May anyway. So one Saturday last week I flew to Venice and I couldn't be happier even though the weather forecast was showing really bad weather conditions. 


Trip to Sydney was special in many ways. I got the chance to fly there with two of my friends who came to Dubai on the same day as me. Which, let me tell you, makes the flight much more easier when you are able to fly with your friends or any kind people in general. So, even though the flight is very loong and tiring, also departing in early morning hours, we made the flight and the whole trip memorable. 


I finally sat down and found time to finish the blog posts. It has been more than a month since I flew to Paris but haven't got time to edit all the pictures with my busy schedule. I just came back from Czech (had my first operational flight there which was awesome!) and tomorrow I am off to Venice. But let me tell you about our trip to Paris...


I've never been to Australia before so you can imagine my excitement for seeing Perth on my March roster. Even though the layover is not that long /about 27 hours/, we still managed to see a lot. The flight to Perth was about 10 hours which made us all tired and the time difference didn't help at all. We got to the hotel at about 2:30am local time..


I was initially rostered for Kuala Lumpur but the day before, my flight changed to Stockholm which meant I completely had to repack my suitcase. Let me say - it was freezing there! The last time I was in Stockholm was in 2013 when I was visiting my friend there so I was looking forward to visit this place again. 


Skiing is one of my favorite sports to do. Or should I say the most favorite one? I love skiing and I was so excited to fly back home and travel to Austria with my family for couple of days. Not only I got the chance to spend some days with them but I could also spend time doing what I love. So here are some pictures from Radstadt in Austria. 


I must admit that when I saw I was rostered for CAN, I didn't know what it meant. For a second I thought that it meant Canada which wouldn't make any sense at all. Then I searched for the abbreviation "CAN" which showed me that I was supposed to travel to China. CAN is an airport code for a place in southern China called Guangzhou which didn't make it any clearer for me because I've never heard of this place before. But I was ready to fly there and enjoy it as much as I could. 


First time in Bangkok and it was awesome! Everyone kept telling me what to do there, what I couldn't miss so I had a whole list written down. The flight to Bangkok is only about 5 hours and 30 minutes long which is short. People on board were so lovely and it was actually one of the best flights I've had so far, thanks to the crew as well. 


Finally got the time to edit all the pictures from my previous layovers so here I am today, with another traveling post. In February, I got rostered for Peking (Beijing), China. It was my first time in China and I was so excited to climb The Great Wall. I packed so many layers of clothes because I was scared it would be freezing up there. 


Recently me and my very good friend Kay (whom you may know from her YouTube channel) went to the restaurant called Fish Dubai. One day I was scrolling down one girl's Instagram account and she posted some pictures from a place that looked like Greece. So when I found out it was a restaurant placed in the centre of Dubai, our afternoon with Kay was set. 


"Where would you like to go when you're older? Do you've some destinations on your bucket list? What's your dream place on Earth?" All these questions have one thing in common - the answer is the same - New Zealand. So when I saw I had been rostered for Auckland, I couldn't believe it. Am I actually going there?


First time in Asia, first time in Malaysia, first time flying on an Airbus as a crew. So many first times. It was the beginning of January when I got the chance to visit this beautiful place and I was so excited about it. Not only we got to stay in a beautiful hotel with an amazing location, but also we had enough time to explore the destination. 


My first operational flight ever as a cabin crew was to Accra, Ghana on New Year's Eve. It was a multisector which means that the next day we had another flight to Abidjan, Ivory Coast and then back to Accra. Being it my first flight ever, I couldn't sleep before the flight so I ended up sleeping for an hour in total. 


I always wanted to visit Abu Dhabi so when my family came to Dubai, it was crystal clear that we would travel there for sure. We decided on a quiet Monday morning to catch a bus from Dubai and it took us about 90 minutes to get there. We had a whole day to walk around and visit all those nice places. 


I finally managed to fly back home on January 12th. I got my leave approved and I was ready at the airport almost 4 hours ahead patiently waiting for my plane. I slept only for a couple of hours before heading to the airport but I didn't care a bit. I was flying hooome after almost 3 months! This was the longest time I have ever been away from home. As I am writing this, I am packing all of my stuff again and I am going to the airport tomorrow. So I will be back in Dubai very soon.


At the end of December I had a visit in Dubai. My mum and my brother came for a week to explore Dubai with me. Luckily, I was off most of the days so we could spend a lot of time together. We also went to Abu Dhabi for a day which I am planning to write about in the next post. 

If you are wondering why I started to write in English, there is a simple explanation behind it - I saw that I have been having a lot of readers from the USA recently (which I am really thankful for) so I thought I would make it a lot easier for them. Also, I speak English every day when I am on duty so it's even easier for me to express myself in English now. So from now on all of my posts will be in English only.