I have watched my friends traveling to Singapore for months and for some reason I wasn't lucky enough to go there myself. I kept biding for this flight and then being removed. Last month, I finally saw "SIN" on my roster and the best part was that one of my dearest friends in Dubai was there at the same time. Is there anything better than enjoying a layover together with your friend? 

This flight was actually a part of a multi sector, which meant that I was gone from base for 5 days. It consisted of a flight to Singapore, then straight to Brisbane (another new destination for me!), then back to Singapore and on the last day back to Dubai. It's safe to say that I was close to looking like a zombie at the end of this trip with very minimum sleep in between the flights as well as the different time zones we had to go through. Since I was a first timer in both of these destinations, I wanted to make the most of it. And I did. Singapore is so beautiful! If you haven't been yet, put it on your list of places that are worth a visit. So clean, so much greenery and nice places to hang out at. 

1. DAY

The first day in Singapore, me and Kay (hello) went around the city and our goal was to see The Gardens By The Bay. Let me tell you, waiting till later at night to see the gardens in the dark was awesome. We were so busy running around that we didn't even have time to have proper food and had to stop for couple of minutes at a McDonald's to have something quick to fill us up. At the end of the day I was literally dead and trying to push through. I didn't have to say a proper goodbye to my friend because I was seeing her again in two days. So it was just "see you later" kind of goodbye. I went to bed and the next morning got ready for another "leg" of this multi sector - this time off to Brisbane. 

(read about the second day in Singapore below)

2. DAY

When I got back to Singapore for the second day there, I was after a night flight which meant zero sleep again. Since coffee doesn't help, I was really trying hard to stay awake. The advantage of a night flight is that you usually get to the destination early and you have a whole day to explore. Depends on the time zone, hence the time difference too. 

This time, we took a cable car and went up to a peak where we had the chance to see a breathtaking view over Singapore. By that point I was all sweating because of the humidity, but still enjoyed it very much. From there we took another cable car to a Sentosa Island which is a popular resort island full of activities and theme parks. The main reason why we went there was that we wanted to take the luges to go down the hill and then up again. We eventually did it 5 times. Yes, 5 times, we as grown up women went up and down the hill enjoying the ride every single time. /You can see the pictures from there on my Instagram account here/. Later we just continued walking along the island, took some pictures and headed back. It was a really nice day, full of fun and memories. But I must admit, by this time I could really feel the exhaustion and couldn't wait to be in Dubai in my own bed and catch up on some sleep. Flying during the night and exploring different cities during the day is very difficult. 

Nonetheless, one of the best layovers so far! 

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