Living alone isn't easy, especially living alone for the first time and being thousands of kilometers away from home. It makes you realize where your true home is, where your loved ones are and how much you miss them each and every day. It also makes you appreciate the moments with them so much more and having the chance of flying back home for couple of days or having someone over in your apartment feels like Christmas time. At least that is how I feel. Anyway.. 

Writing this post makes me realize how lucky I am to call Dubai a home and even how lucky I am to have such a nice mum who came here to stay for a week in April. A week full of surprises, plans, joy and adventures. A week that we both wish continued forever. We had such a great time together and as I told my mum before she came here - "we have so many plans to do so prepare for a busy schedule, it won't be a lazy holiday spent on a beach" and I meant it. 


I always loved coming back to Europe and my May's schedule has been all about that so far. I was supposed to travel to Milano initially but then I changed it to Venice because I am flying to Milano at the end of May anyway. So one Saturday last week I flew to Venice and I couldn't be happier even though the weather forecast was showing really bad weather conditions. 


Trip to Sydney was special in many ways. I got the chance to fly there with two of my friends who came to Dubai on the same day as me. Which, let me tell you, makes the flight much more easier when you are able to fly with your friends or any kind people in general. So, even though the flight is very loong and tiring, also departing in early morning hours, we made the flight and the whole trip memorable. 


I finally sat down and found time to finish the blog posts. It has been more than a month since I flew to Paris but haven't got time to edit all the pictures with my busy schedule. I just came back from Czech (had my first operational flight there which was awesome!) and tomorrow I am off to Venice. But let me tell you about our trip to Paris...