Trip to Sydney was special in many ways. I got the chance to fly there with two of my friends who came to Dubai on the same day as me. Which, let me tell you, makes the flight much more easier when you are able to fly with your friends or any kind people in general. So, even though the flight is very loong and tiring, also departing in early morning hours, we made the flight and the whole trip memorable. 

Sydney was the second Australian city that I had the chance to explore (I still have many more to go though). As I said, I flew there with two of my friends who haven't been there before either so we all wanted to go to the city and see anything and everything. We got to the hotel around midnight so just had one drink and then called it off for that night. 

The next morning we took the metro to the city (did you know that the metro in Sydney has two levels?), the weather was beautiful, birds were singing, the music was playing on the street, what else could you ask for? 

We met a friend's friend in the harbor who later took us around the city since she had lived in Sydney for many years and knew places to go to. We couldn't miss taking pictures in front of the famous Opera nor the Harbor Bridge. We walked so much that day! Later that day we decided to head back to the hotel to get some sleep before night flight back to Dubai but we met other crew in the centre who persuaded us to take the ferry to Manly Beach which is one of the most famous ones in Sydney apparently. We stopped at a local restaurant and watched sunset over Sydney which was breathtaking. Later that night, we took the ferry back to the centre and watched all the night lights which was, again, so beautiful. Eventually, we got back to the hotel much later then we planned and slept only for couple of hours before the night's wake up call but it was so worth it. 

I am really looking forward to explore more places in Australia, such as Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane. Hope you enjoy the pictures and see you soon in another blog post. 

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