I always loved coming back to Europe and my May's schedule has been all about that so far. I was supposed to travel to Milano initially but then I changed it to Venice because I am flying to Milano at the end of May anyway. So one Saturday last week I flew to Venice and I couldn't be happier even though the weather forecast was showing really bad weather conditions. 

We had the whole afternoon to wander around this beautiful city and try the Italian food as well. Italian cuisine is one of my favorite so there was no chance I would miss some pasta, pizza and aperol. I remember the last time I fell in love with Venice years ago and it happened again. All those houses, canals, narrow streets that you could barely fit in, hidden shops and beautiful architecture everywhere you look, that's Venice.

We eventually stop at a local restaurant just before the heavy rain hit the town. I had a hard time deciding whether to order pizza, pasta, tiramisu or all at once. We shared the pizza which was so delicious and I also had pasta and aperol. On the way back to the bus station, I quickly stopped by at a local shop just before it closed and bought one tiramisu to take away. Do I even have to tell you that it tasted like heaven? Definitely eat as much Italian food as you can once you are in Venice. 

Can't wait to go to Milano soon but before that, I am going on holiday back home next week and I am so happy to fly to Prague and see all my family and friends for 7 days.

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