I finally sat down and found time to finish the blog posts. It has been more than a month since I flew to Paris but haven't got time to edit all the pictures with my busy schedule. I just came back from Czech (had my first operational flight there which was awesome!) and tomorrow I am off to Venice. But let me tell you about our trip to Paris...

I like doing European flights for many reasons. First of all - the timings are usually good so we fly during the day and get to the destination in the afternoon so we have enough time to explore and we don't loose a night. And the next day we have time to sleep and get back to Dubai around midnight, so again - not loosing proper night sleep. Also, I like European people and destinations in general because I feel like I am close to home, at least in the same time zone.

I have been to Paris before but was really excited to go there again. It was the end of March and the weather was pretty good. We got to the hotel and as usual - just changed quickly and then took a taxi to the centre which took us some time since the hotel was far away from the centre. We walked around the most famous tourist attractions such as The Eiffel Tower, The Champs - Élysées, The Arc de Triomphe and once we got really tired we went to take a ride on a big wheel during the night time so we had the chance to see the beautiful city from above. Around 11pm we realized we haven't eaten anything since early afternoon so we stopped by at a local market to get some chocolate-banana pancakes which I was craving for the whole day. That's how we finished our short visit in Paris and I hope I will get there some time soon again. 

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