"Where would you like to go when you're older? Do you've some destinations on your bucket list? What's your dream place on Earth?" All these questions have one thing in common - the answer is the same - New Zealand. So when I saw I had been rostered for Auckland, I couldn't believe it. Am I actually going there?


First time in Asia, first time in Malaysia, first time flying on an Airbus as a crew. So many first times. It was the beginning of January when I got the chance to visit this beautiful place and I was so excited about it. Not only we got to stay in a beautiful hotel with an amazing location, but also we had enough time to explore the destination. 


My first operational flight ever as a cabin crew was to Accra, Ghana on New Year's Eve. It was a multisector which means that the next day we had another flight to Abidjan, Ivory Coast and then back to Accra. Being it my first flight ever, I couldn't sleep before the flight so I ended up sleeping for an hour in total. 


I always wanted to visit Abu Dhabi so when my family came to Dubai, it was crystal clear that we would travel there for sure. We decided on a quiet Monday morning to catch a bus from Dubai and it took us about 90 minutes to get there. We had a whole day to walk around and visit all those nice places. 


I finally managed to fly back home on January 12th. I got my leave approved and I was ready at the airport almost 4 hours ahead patiently waiting for my plane. I slept only for a couple of hours before heading to the airport but I didn't care a bit. I was flying hooome after almost 3 months! This was the longest time I have ever been away from home. As I am writing this, I am packing all of my stuff again and I am going to the airport tomorrow. So I will be back in Dubai very soon.


At the end of December I had a visit in Dubai. My mum and my brother came for a week to explore Dubai with me. Luckily, I was off most of the days so we could spend a lot of time together. We also went to Abu Dhabi for a day which I am planning to write about in the next post. 

If you are wondering why I started to write in English, there is a simple explanation behind it - I saw that I have been having a lot of readers from the USA recently (which I am really thankful for) so I thought I would make it a lot easier for them. Also, I speak English every day when I am on duty so it's even easier for me to express myself in English now. So from now on all of my posts will be in English only.