First time in Asia, first time in Malaysia, first time flying on an Airbus as a crew. So many first times. It was the beginning of January when I got the chance to visit this beautiful place and I was so excited about it. Not only we got to stay in a beautiful hotel with an amazing location, but also we had enough time to explore the destination. 

We got to the hotel in the late afternoon, so we only took a shower and met in the lobby for a quick dinner. I had one mission for this layover - to get a picture of the Petronas Towers at night. I didn't care how late it was and how tired I was but the picture had to be taken no matter what. So around midnight that night I was walking around trying to get the perfect one and I was happy I managed to do so. 

The next morning I enjoyed the fantastic breakfast in the hotel - is the breakfast one of your favourite as well? I met with an italian girl and we took a taxi to the Batu Caves - a place you have to see when you are in Kuala Lumpur - as everyone on a plane told me. There are caves and cave temples on top of the hill with a lot of monkeys running around. The place was really crowded and we spent some time looking at the monkeys and trying to get a picture of them which was really hard because they didn't stop moving for a second. It was very humid so we bought something to drink and an ice cream which one of the monkeys ended up eating! They were so fast and I was quite scared of them, to be honest. 

I was really happy I got to see everything I wanted during my first visit in Kuala Lumpur and that I didn't stay in my hotel room for the whole layover eventhough I was very tired. I don't know my next month roster yet, I might travel here soon. 


  1. perfektná destinácia, už sa teším na ďalšie pracovno/ cestovateľské články :)

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage

  2. wow, opäť parádny článok! dúfam že tieto miesta aj ja raz navštívim :)