At the end of December I had a visit in Dubai. My mum and my brother came for a week to explore Dubai with me. Luckily, I was off most of the days so we could spend a lot of time together. We also went to Abu Dhabi for a day which I am planning to write about in the next post. 

If you are wondering why I started to write in English, there is a simple explanation behind it - I saw that I have been having a lot of readers from the USA recently (which I am really thankful for) so I thought I would make it a lot easier for them. Also, I speak English every day when I am on duty so it's even easier for me to express myself in English now. So from now on all of my posts will be in English only. 

It was the first time for my mum and for my brother in Dubai so I wanted to show them everything. We made a list of all the places we wanted to see and we tried to stick to the plan. I don't really live in the centre of Dubai so every day we met somewhere in the middle of the centre and started our journey from there. We went to visit the aquarium in the world famous Atlantis hotel, we visited the Marina with the strangely shaped buildings. I took them to see the fountains in front of the Burj Khalifa, as well as to the Miracle Gardens and the Global Village. We, of course, saw a lot and ate a lot.

It was really nice to have my family over during the Christmas time so I didn't feel lonely at all. Of course it was even harder to say goodbye to them in the end but since I was going home in the next two weeks I knew I would see them soon enough. Right now I am still back home in Prague but I am flying back to Dubai tomorrow. I should be coming back to Prague in 7 week time so I can't wait to see everyone again. 

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