"Where would you like to go when you're older? Do you've some destinations on your bucket list? What's your dream place on Earth?" All these questions have one thing in common - the answer is the same - New Zealand. So when I saw I had been rostered for Auckland, I couldn't believe it. Am I actually going there?

After the first euphoria, I started thinking more about the flight. I am always worrying about something even though it might not be necessary. So I started doubting myself immediately - how am I going to survive the longest flight that the Emirates flies to since I am a new joiner who have been flying only for 3 weeks? 

The flight itself is about 16 hours long and even longer on the way back. Luckily we get some break throughout the flight when we can actually rest and sleep but being it my first time I couldn't sleep at all. When we finally got to Auckland with a 10hour time difference, I was exhausted. I had so many plans for that day but just ended up sleeping and ordering the room service later. 

The layover in AKL is more than 56 hours so we had the whole next day to explore. Me and other girls decided to visit the Waiheke Island, which is only about 45minutes far away by the ferry. It is a beautiful place full of the greenery, the beaches and such nice people. We got on the Hop on Hop off bus which turned out to be a great idea since we could get off the bus whenever we wanted to. We explored the centre and stopped at the beach, we also did the wine tasting and went to a place where they made the best honey and olive oil. At the end of the day the jet lag got us so we went back to the hotel and went to bed. At least that's what I did. But due to the time difference I was up at 4am again and couldn't sleep. 

The flight back home seemed to be even longer (which it was a bit) but this time I slept like a baby during my break. Must say, New Zealand has been my favorite so far and can't wait to come back again. 

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