Recently me and my very good friend Kay (whom you may know from her YouTube channel) went to the restaurant called Fish Dubai. One day I was scrolling down one girl's Instagram account and she posted some pictures from a place that looked like Greece. So when I found out it was a restaurant placed in the centre of Dubai, our afternoon with Kay was set. 

The place was just magical. So beautiful and well decorated. We arrived there in the afternoon (the reservation is needed if you want to have a table for sure) and ordered some appetizers because they don't serve lunch after 3pm. The food was delicious (can we talk about the awesome bread they gave us?) and we definitely took a lot of pictures. Thank god the food wasn't hot otherwise it would be by the time we actually started eating it. Yes, that's what happens when a blogger and a vlogger meet up for lunch. 

If you are in Dubai and have hard time deciding where to eat, definitely don't miss out on this place! 

Also, you can watch a video from different afternoon with Kay when we went to the Souk here in Dubai. She is so talented and lovely, isn't she? Don't forget to check out her YouTube channel. The video from this restaurant will be coming soon. 

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