First time in Bangkok and it was awesome! Everyone kept telling me what to do there, what I couldn't miss so I had a whole list written down. The flight to Bangkok is only about 5 hours and 30 minutes long which is short. People on board were so lovely and it was actually one of the best flights I've had so far, thanks to the crew as well. 

We landed in Bangkok in the afternoon, so I quickly made myself presentable and went out. My main goal was to look for a nice place to get a massage at (can you believe that I've never had one in my entire life?). I found a place with a reasonable price and went just for the shortest one which was focused on my arms, neck, back and shoulders. I felt so nice and relaxed afterwards, so I will definitely go more often. After the massage I was walking around, eating and drinking everything because if you didn't know - Bangkok is so cheap! So we had enough allowance to get a massage, our nails done, to eat a lot of food and to be able to buy souvenirs, clothes etc. and we would still have a lot of money left. I also found a place next to the hotel where you could have your passport case done. You could choose a color of the case as well as some letters and have it all customized. I went for a silver one with a silver airplane in the corner and my name at the bottom and it looks so beautiful. And of course, it was so cheap again. 

At night, I met with an English crew and we took a tok tok car to drive us to a market. It was a huge place where you could find food, drinks, souvenirs, clothes, decoration, so much stuff basically. So we spent another 2 hours there and slowly found our way back to the hotel and called it a night. I managed to sleep like a baby and since I bought some food for breakfast the previous night, I didn't have to wake up for the hotel breakfast. So after waking up, it was time to get ready for a flight back to Dubai which was a bit longer but still as nice as the previous one. Hoping to have more flights like these in the future.