Finally got the time to edit all the pictures from my previous layovers so here I am today, with another traveling post. In February, I got rostered for Peking (Beijing), China. It was my first time in China and I was so excited to climb The Great Wall. I packed so many layers of clothes because I was scared it would be freezing up there. 

We arrived to China in the evening, managed to get some sleep on the way from the airport and after arriving to the hotel, I just changed and went outside to buy some food. There was a huge Careffour just outside the hotel and it had everything, from kitchen and garden supplies, to clothes and food. I spent a lot of time there because I was fascinated by the unusual stuff they were selling in that shop. 

The next morning we had a trip to The Great Wall of China. We booked the trip from the hotel so a mini bus picked up in the early morning and it took about 1,5h to get there. The sun was shining and it was far from cold. The driver bought us the tickets and told us he would wait for us whenever we come back. We took the cable car on the way up and spent on the Wall about 2 hours walking up and down the stairs. I fell down once and my knee is still covered with a large bruise. Someone gets postcards from the layovers, I usually get the bruises. Then we used the toboggan on the way down which was awesome but we were freezing! So we stopped at a restaurant and got some lunch before heading back to the hotel for some afternoon rest before the flight back. 

It was such a nice experience, China has always been on the list of places I never thought I would get the chance to travel to. And here I am, traveling to all the parts of the world, some of them are nicer than the others, of course.. I am flying to another place in China at the of February, a place I've never heard of. 

We also got the roster for another month, I finally have some flights to Europe and I am also going to Perth, Australia! Another destination to cross on my map. So see you all later. 

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