I've never been to Australia before so you can imagine my excitement for seeing Perth on my March roster. Even though the layover is not that long /about 27 hours/, we still managed to see a lot. The flight to Perth was about 10 hours which made us all tired and the time difference didn't help at all. We got to the hotel at about 2:30am local time..


I was initially rostered for Kuala Lumpur but the day before, my flight changed to Stockholm which meant I completely had to repack my suitcase. Let me say - it was freezing there! The last time I was in Stockholm was in 2013 when I was visiting my friend there so I was looking forward to visit this place again. 


Skiing is one of my favorite sports to do. Or should I say the most favorite one? I love skiing and I was so excited to fly back home and travel to Austria with my family for couple of days. Not only I got the chance to spend some days with them but I could also spend time doing what I love. So here are some pictures from Radstadt in Austria. 


I must admit that when I saw I was rostered for CAN, I didn't know what it meant. For a second I thought that it meant Canada which wouldn't make any sense at all. Then I searched for the abbreviation "CAN" which showed me that I was supposed to travel to China. CAN is an airport code for a place in southern China called Guangzhou which didn't make it any clearer for me because I've never heard of this place before. But I was ready to fly there and enjoy it as much as I could.