I must admit that when I saw I was rostered for CAN, I didn't know what it meant. For a second I thought that it meant Canada which wouldn't make any sense at all. Then I searched for the abbreviation "CAN" which showed me that I was supposed to travel to China. CAN is an airport code for a place in southern China called Guangzhou which didn't make it any clearer for me because I've never heard of this place before. But I was ready to fly there and enjoy it as much as I could. 

The flight was nice and went by quite quickly and we got to a beautiful hotel around midnight. It was one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in and the bed was definitely the most comfortable one. I managed to get 4h of sleep that night which made me look like a zombie the next day. What I am always looking forward to is the breakfast in the hotel and this one was definitely up to standard. I met with another crew and we went for a brunch and shopping later. Shopping in China is really good apparently. We didn't manage to find what we were looking for but I bought some nice presents and things for myself as well which you can see on the pictures below. I got a red coat which was such a bargain. We stopped by in a local supermarket as well and bought something to eat for later and then went back to the hotel with an intention to sleep before the night flight back to Dubai. But we all know how it usually goes - if you really need to get some rest before getting ready, of course you won't fall asleep at all. That is what happened to me. So another sleepless night for a 9hour flight. But what kept me going was the thought that I was going home in a couple of days which is where I am right now, on holiday with my family. 

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  1. Hello Claudia! The food you enjoy in Guanghzoung is very tasty and looks very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about holidays.