I was initially rostered for Kuala Lumpur but the day before, my flight changed to Stockholm which meant I completely had to repack my suitcase. Let me say - it was freezing there! The last time I was in Stockholm was in 2013 when I was visiting my friend there so I was looking forward to visit this place again. 

We got to the hotel, which was near the central train station, in the afternoon and just quickly changed and went to the lobby for some chat and drinks. I thought I was prepared for the weather but I was wrong, once we stepped out of the hotel lobby, the crazy wind hit us. It was soo cold and soo windy we could barely walk.

We went to the historical part of the city which was beautiful and soon started looking for some nice restaurant. Everyone told us about the Viking place which was a must in Stockholm. Since we couldn't find the way and it also started raining, we asked some random women on a street for direction. She was Swedish, so kind and she said she would walk us there. We started chatting and once we got to the Viking place we saw it was closed for another 30 minutes. In the meantime, we invited the woman to have a beer with us in a local pub and she was so amazed by the fact that we all came from a different country and that we all worked for the same company. Her friend joined us a bit later as well and even though we never saw the women before, it was so nice to talk to a complete stranger. 

Soon after that, we said goodbye to her a went to the restaurant that was recommended to us. It was such a weird place in a good way. The interior was beautiful and we were so happy we went there. I couldn't really understand the menu choices so just played it on the safe side and went for the chicken with some kind of rice as a side dish. It was really tasty and we eventually got a discount as well. By 8pm, we were so tired that we went straight back to the hotel and went to bed. I remember falling asleep within seconds and I slept until the next morning when we had the wake-up call. 

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