Skiing is one of my favorite sports to do. Or should I say the most favorite one? I love skiing and I was so excited to fly back home and travel to Austria with my family for couple of days. Not only I got the chance to spend some days with them but I could also spend time doing what I love. So here are some pictures from Radstadt in Austria. 

I flew from Dubai on Thursday, spent 1,5 day in Prague and then packed my bags and travelled to Austria. Thank god I wasn't the one driving, I was literally exhausted. We arrived on the weekend and just went on a walk and went to bed early so we were ready for the next day. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as we hoped for so we finished skiing around 1pm. The sun was shining the next day so we took the car and drove to the next place called Flachau which is where I used to travel to and ski with my school every year. It brought back so many memories. 

We spent one day in the aqua park - jacuzzi/pool place where we got well-rested and recharged our batteries. On Wednesday, we spent half of the day skiing again and the weather was awesome, what else could we ask for? I also ate the well-knowGermknödel which was delicious. After lunch, we packed our bags and headed back to Prague in the afternoon. 

I have so many things planned for the remaining one day in Prague before flying back to Dubai. This holiday wasn't relaxing at all but I am glad I got to do so many things, spent the days in the Alps and met almost everyone I wanted to. 

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