I've never been to Australia before so you can imagine my excitement for seeing Perth on my March roster. Even though the layover is not that long /about 27 hours/, we still managed to see a lot. The flight to Perth was about 10 hours which made us all tired and the time difference didn't help at all. We got to the hotel at about 2:30am local time..

The crew was amazing and the passengers as well, they were so kind and lovely. I ended up chatting to couple of them and one of the women even gave me the book she had just finished reading. I was so speechless, it was such a nice gesture from her. I spoke to her couple of hours before and mentioned that I loved the writer of the book she was reading. And soon after that, she came and gave me the book saying "hope you will enjoy it as well". Still can't believe how nice she was to me. 

We went to bed and met in the lobby around 10am. It's safe to say we all looked like zombies. I still had enough time to have the hotel breakfast, which you know by now, is my favorite. The city itself reminded me of Auckland so much, the architecture was so similar. At least in my eyes. We went to the train station and took a train to Fremantle which is a port city about 30minutes away by train. The city was simply beautiful. So many cafes, book shops, local restaurants and full of interesting buildings. We went to the beach and sit there for quite some time, then walked around and stopped at the local shops for some souvenirs. I also bought a book (written by the same author as the book I was given earlier). We had to catch the train back at around 3pm so we would get back to the hotel in time for some rest. I have been having trouble falling asleep lately, or I wake up every 45minutes during the night which makes me so tired. Any tips for having a smooth sleep without waking up? 

Must say, as much as I loved Auckland where I was in January, the same love goes to Perth as well. Such a beautiful and clean (!!) city. I didn't find a single garbage or a cigarette on the street. I definitely hope to come back to Perth or any other Australian city soon enough. Let's see what May roster brings. 

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