The second part of the multi sector let me visit Brisbane, Australia. You could read about the first part from Singapore here. Brisbane was the last city in Australia where we fly with the airline that I work for but hadn't visited before. So I was very excited to go there (do I actually use this word way too often when I talk about the new destinations? I might do). 

We got to our hotel in Brisbane late at night and I set my alarm clock in couple of hours so I was able to go to a hotel breakfast. I love hotel breakfasts, especially the ones in Australia. When I woke up in the morning and got to the lobby, I was told I came couple of minutes late and there was no buffet anymore. Which, let me tell you, was very unfortunate. 

I met with other crew in the lobby and we got a hotel taxi to a Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which is located 12km from Brisbane and is the world's first and the largest koala sanctuary in the world with over 140 koalas. They even had a kindergarten area as well as an area for elderly koalas, which was very cute. You could take pictures with them and there was also a chance to hand feed kangaroos which we couldn't miss. We bought some "food" for them and enjoyed their company for a bit. There were a lot of visitors, students and family with their children. This sanctuary also consists of a large variety of other wild Australian animals such as snakes etc which I am not a fan of. 

It was a first time for me to see koalas and to be able to hold them was so nice. If you ever go to Brisbane, don't miss out on this place. 

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