Most of the destinations that I fly to are the ones that I have never visited before. Malta is a place where I wasn't supposed to fly at all, my initial destination was Dublin. When I got a swap for a Malta flight, I accepted straight away. Spending the last day of October at Malta? Yes, please. 

We arrived to a beautiful resort which was right at the coast. This picture below is taken from the hotel. We quickly changed and took a local bus to St. Julians to find a restaurant that was recommended to us. Let me tell you, it was soo good! The restaurant had a Trip Advisor award, I am not surprised at all. The waiters were so kind and helpful and we (girl from Slovakia and Cyprus) enjoyed a nice evening. After the food, we went to find the famous street full of bars and restaurants and bumped into our crew from the flight! What are the chances? 

Visiting Malta brought back so many memories because I visited this place almost 10 years ago. 
10 years ago! I was a young girl traveling to Malta to improve my English on a summer course, twice. I remembered every street we walked on that night, all the clubs and restaurants. Of course Malta has changed over the years, there are new streets and modern buildings (which I don't personally like that much). I spoke to an elderly woman on a flight back to Dubai who was originally Maltese but living in Australia and she told me the same - she loves the history that Malta has, all the nice old buildings, not the new ones. It was so nice to be back there and felt like I never left. 


  1. super fotky ;) s tým jedlom si m práve spravila obrovský hlad :D

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage

  2. Na Maltě je to nádherný, dost často koukám u Anet Ch - hanetemondon na Youtube, má přítle z Malty a má tam z Malty i vlogy.