And I am 24... At the end of August I was fortunate enough to fly back home to celebrate my birthday with my family. Since it was my last leave till next year, I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. I had amazing 10 days back in the Czech Republic, full of love, new adventures and trips. Can't wait to be back.

Almost 3 years ago, we "adopted" a little guinea pig and named him Alex. Since we are not sure when he was born as far as the month goes /we only know that he was born in the summer time/, we have always celebrated our birthdays together. So this time we did the same, that's why he is with me on the pictures. :) 

Of course I had to have those big balloons with numbers but no one wanted to travel with them across Prague so once I landed back home, I went to pick them up and let me tell you - they are huge! I struggled so much getting them inside the public transport, I had to have an extra seat next to me. It must have looked hilarious for sure. They don't even last for that long, but still, I was very happy to have them and took so many pictures of them too. 

I wanted to thank everyone who made my birthday so nice, it's a memory that I can hold on to while I feel homesick here in Dubai, which happens pretty often, especially when I am not sure when I will be back home next time. 

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  1. všetko najlepšie! oslava musela byť podľa fotiek naozaj skvelá :) a tie čísla sú na párty naozaj super, len verím, že sa s nimi ťažko manipulovalo :D

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage