Last time I did a post like this was in December 2014 so I thought it's about time to do another one. I was reading through the old list to make sure I don't repeat myself and the funny thing is that one of the points I wrote down was that I wanted to become a cabin crew for EMIRATES. And guess where I am now? In Dubai, doing what I said I wanted to do one day years ago. Life is crazy. 

As many of you probably like to get to know the author of the book/magazine/ you are reading (at least I do), I thought it would be nice if you get to know me better too. You already know my age, where I am from and what I do for living thanks to the side bar on the right hand side. You also probably figured out that I love travelling, getting to know new people, culture and places. So here are some more facts about me:

1. My name and surname is Italian, I have Italian ancestors but I don't speak Italian. I tried but I forgot everything. 

2. I have two brothers but always wished for a sister. I thought we would share our secrets and become best friends. Nope, never happened. 

3. Sometimes I am not sure what I want. Someday, everything makes me happy and the next day I question everything I do or say. I am thinking "is this really a place where I want to be right now, am I doing right with my life?" 

4. So far, my favorite place I visited was Australia and New Zealand. But I still have so many destinations to travel to, so I might change my mind. 

5. What makes me really happy is when a customer looks at my name badge and say "thank you for today's service, Claudia". And I am like "you're sooo welcome, my pleasure".

6. I would do anything for my family and friends and I always put them first. So living alone thousands of kilometers makes it even harder for me because I am not sure I am doing enough for them.

7. I love watching all kind of TV series, especially the psychological/crime ones, my faves are: Suits, HTGAWM, Scorpion, Younger, Big Little Lies... 

8. I am a very shy person, probably one of the most shy person you've ever met. And one of the facts that still applies from years ago is that I still think too much about what other people may think of me which does no good to me. I even care what the random person on the street thinks of me. I know I am crazy and I am still in the process of changing it.  

9. I totally believe in "a place for everything and everything in its place" so anything that isn't at its place drives me crazy.

10. I love sleeping and good food. Especially now, when I focus on the sleep too much since I fly between different time zones, wake up in the middle of the night for a flight or skip the night completely. So I became obsessed with my sleeping patterns. And food? Do I have to add anything? Good wine and a steak will do wonders. 

Oh, I almost forgot, skiing is my life! 

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