Long time, no see which I am sorry about. I have been flying all over the world and have been quite busy and when I haven't, I wasn't in a mood of editing pictures and writing a post. Also, there is something wrong with my camera at the moment so it's being fixed back in Prague but I hope to have it back soon, well at the end of the month. Unfortunately, that is the reason why I have no pictures from the recent layovers.. 

Meanwhile I went back home for a week which was great as usual. I had the chance to see all of my friends, I spent some time with a family and most importantly - had some rest. My last leave is coming up in August and then I am left with nothing till April, which let me tell you, will be tough. But I am so excited to go home soon and celebrate my birthday with the loved ones. 

Back in July I flew to Moscow which wasn't initially on my roster but I was happy I got the chance to fly there. It was my first time back then (I flew there a couple of days ago again). I flew there with one of my batch mates and we had the whole afternoon to explore. The hotel is about 45minutes from the centre of Moscow so we took a metro to the Red Square. The thing that I found the most difficult was that literally no one spoke English around us so it was very hard to get through the metro stops and find the right way. 

Let me tell you, Moscow surprised me with its beauty, it was a such a nice place to visit, especially in the summer. Some of my friends went to Moscow in the winter and I am not sure I would be able to walk around in -15 degrees at least. 

The Red Square is breath taking and couple of days ago, when I was in Moscow again and went out by myself, I also visited the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which you can see on some of the pictures. We stopped at some souvenirs shops and walked along the river and ended up at the Arbat street where you can find some local shops and restaurants. We went to a local restaurant, had an amazing dinner and then spent some time trying to remember the way back to the hotel. I liked the city and I wouldn't mind going back, although I would like to visit St. Petersburg too. 

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